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Student Leadership

Students have opportunities to develop valuable citizenship, leadership, and teamwork skills, and to meet new friends through service leadership activities and a variety of clubs. Students in Grades 4 to 6 are encouraged to be involved in at least one school service club during the school year, and all students are
encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities offered.

More information about extracurricular activities are provided in our school newsletter.


AMA Patrols

AMA Patrols

These fine student volunteers help all École Richard Secord students make it to school safely by assisting with safe crossing of 117 Street. Our AMA Patrols demonstrate responsibility by arriving to school early or by staying later regardless of the weather. They do this to support the safety and wellness of students, which is a huge school focus. We appreciate their effort and their leadership role along with M  their staff leaders. These AMA Patrols are our leaders and volunteers of tomorrow and demonstrate this regularly! We salute you!


Green Team

École Richard Secord School actively promotea an awareness and concern for preservation and management of the Earth's environment by teaching and implementing environmental practices. This work has earned us the designation of "Earth School" status by the Society of Environmental Education Development. Earth School status is shared by a select group of schools in Canada and is awarded on the basis of having demonstrated an active and ongoing commitment to environmental education. The "Green Team" is a group of staff and students who are dedicated to promoting waste reduction and recycling in the school. The team is in charge of promoting the program to all staff and students, and educating our school about how they can participate individually and as classes. Students train their peers how to recycle papers and beverage containers. They also collect recyclable materials on a weekly basis throughout the school.

The "Three Rs" (reduce, reuse, recycle) are actively practised in our school environment. Students who stay at school for lunch are asked to take home any lunch wrappings and leftover food they pack-in, rather than deposit them in the garbage. This helps to reduce the amount of garbage produced by the school, encourages students to make greater use of reusable lunch containers, and significantly reduces the amount of wasted or uneaten food in student lunches. Parent support for these practices is greatly appreciated.


Library Club

Students in Grades 5 and 6 are welcome to join the school Library Club. Students are trained by our teacher librarian, about how a school/public library is organized. Library Club members work in the school library one day per week, at both the morning and afternoon recess.

And the best part of being a library club member…they get first dibs on NEW books while learning a life-long literacy skill … how to use a library!


Lunch Monitors

Grade 5 and 6 students are invited to join the RS Lunch Monitor Team, a student leadership and citizenship opportunity at École Richard Secord School.

The role of a RS Lunch Monitor is to help young students in Grades 1, 2, and 3 to have a safe and enjoyable lunch experience. They assist with opening lunch containers, help to wipe up accidental spills, assist with jacket-zipping and scarf-tying in the winter, and help the adult Lunch Supervisors in whatever way they are needed. Sometimes, they lead indoor or outdoor games for their young buddies, or help them to make new friends. Lunch Monitors in the French Immersion program are expected to speak French when serving in French Immersion classes, a great opportunity for both older and younger students to use their French language skills in a real-life situation!

Lunch Monitors are positive role models in both action and attitude for the young students they assist. Our young students enjoy increased safety, confidence, and sense of belonging in the school and on the playground through being known by name by older Lunch Monitor buddies. We appreciate our RS Lunch Monitor Team!


Office Assistants

Many of our Grade 6 students volunteer as Office Assistants during their lunch break. During this time, a pair of students is stationed in the main entrance of the school, where they answer phone calls, take messages and assist visitors to the school. They also assist with distribution of materials to teacher mailboxes and with material preparation. Staff members are always available should they require assistance. This volunteer commitment promotes citizenship and provides valuable work experience for the students.

The work of these students is very much appreciated and we often receive compliments from visitors and callers!


Special Events Crew

This hard working group of students help out with our many special events in the school.  They work in partnership with our custodian and visiting groups to set up and take down the chairs, benches and equipment needed to host assemblies and special events.  They also work in conjunction with the Health & Wellness Team to safely set up gymnastics equipment, track equipment and fitness stations daily during our physical education units.  They keep safety in mind as a priority. These leaders responsibly come early in the morning, work through lunch hours and stay after school to ensure that the school facilities are ready for special events.are an important part of our school!


Student Council

The Student Council consists of two students from each of the Grade 3 to 6 classrooms at École Richard Secord School. These representatives help plan, promote, and carry out school spirit activities. Student council representatives are also in charge of collecting donations of food and money for charitable causes, such as UNICEF, the Edmonton Food Bank, and others. These young people show terrific teamwork and laudable leadership!



SWAT (Student Wellness Action Team) members are a very important reason our school is healthy and active. Students on the SWAT team help to make decisions about healthy activities in our school, they hand out incentives each month that reward students for healthy behaviours and they assist with community service projects such as donations for veterans, food bank, etc. SWAT Leaders work in classrooms to reinforce healthy habits and to teach others how to make healthy snacks and snack choices. Thank you to the hard work our SWAT members put into making our school an amazing place to be!