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Whenever possible, students are encouraged to go home for lunch. We recognize that family circumstances and choice of school may mean that some students must stay at school for lunch, and for these situations, the school provides a supervised lunchtime program.  Grade 1 to 6 students who remain at school for lunch are asked to register for the lunch program and pay a lunch program fee.  Lunch program fees cover the cost of supervisors, additional staffing costs, and any supplies that may be needed.



Lunch Program fees are collected to cover the cost of lunchroom supervisors hired to assist with supervision over the lunch hour.

The fee for students staying at school for lunch occasionally is $2.00 per day.  Students who usually eat lunch away from the school, but who must stay at school for extracurricular or service activities (e.g., choir, handbells, intramurals, office helpers), are not required to pay the occasional user fee. 

The monthly fee will be shown on your students SchoolZone account

Please note: Payment is preferred using SchoolZone.  Other options for payment is exact cash or a cheque made out to Richard Secord School which can be collected at the school office. 



We encourage students to make snack and lunch choices that support healthy development. In order to support the safety of our students with severe peanut and nut product allergies, we ask that all students refrain from bringing nuts into our school.  



Lunch supervisors and school staff work to make the lunch period a pleasant and relaxing time for students.  General school behaviour expectations for students are in effect at all times. Please refer to the Richard Secord Rights and Responsibilities document for more information on student behaviour expectations.