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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunchroom Registration Form 2015-16

Wherever possible, students are encouraged to go home or to their sitter’s for lunch.  However, we recognize that family circumstances and choice of school may mean that some students must stay at school for lunch, and for these situations, the school provides a supervised lunch time program.  Grade 1 to 6 students who remain at school for lunch must register for the program and pay a lunch program fee.  Lunch program fees cover the cost of supervisors, additional staffing costs, and any supplies that may be needed.


Students are to provide their own ready-to-eat lunch.  Microwaves and kettles are not available for student use due to safety concerns, the demands of a substantially increased student enrolment, and the inability of an aging electrical system to handle increased power demands caused by these appliances.  Thirty minutes of the lunch period is given to eat lunch, followed by twenty minutes of outdoor play (indoor activities during inclement weather).  Reminder: For the safety of all students, Richard Secord observes a NO NUTS policy.  Nuts or nut products (check the food label, please) may not be brought to school in student lunches.  


A lunch time program registration letter is sent home with students in the first week of school.  Lunch program fees for the 2015 - 2016 school year are $18.00 per month per child ($180.00 for the year), payable by cheque to the school.  Payment before October 1 allows for a discount ($174.00 if paid by October 1).  Post-dated cheques are encouraged when making monthly payments.  Please refer to the lunch time program registration letter for payment options.  All payments by cheque or cash should be made to the office and clearly labelled with the child’s name to ensure the correct account is credited.  Parents who wish to review lunch program account summary information should contact the school office.


The fee for students staying at school for lunch occasionally is $2.00 per day.  Students who usually eat lunch away from the school, but who must stay at school for extracurricular or service activities (e.g., choir, handbells, intramurals, office helpers), are not required  to pay the occasional user fee. 


Lunch time program students are to remain under staff supervision on school grounds at all times.  Written parent permission is required to allow students who usually stay at school for lunch to have lunch elsewhere, or if a child will be picked-up from school for lunch by a parent/designated adult.


Lunch supervisors and school staff work to make the lunch period a pleasant and relaxing time for students.  General school behaviour expectations for students are in effect at all times.  Specific lunch time program expectations are defined in the lunch program registration letter; students and parents need to sign and return the contract form to indicate agreement to abide by the expectations.  School lunch services will be suspended for children whose behaviour requires a level of supervision greater than what the school can provide.  In these cases, the parent is responsible for making alternative lunch time arrangements for their child.  Parents are notified if concerns arise, and the child is given the opportunity to meet expectations before such a decision.