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Student Clubs & Activities

Our students at Richard Secord are incredible leaders and we have a variety students helping with activities, such the Terry Fox Run, throughout the year. Students are also provided a wide range of extracurricular activities to pursue personal interests and further develop their skills. Clubs typically include the following:

CLUB Teacher Supervisor Students Involved PERIOD OF ACTIVITY
AMA Patrols: Mrs. Cooper & M Girard Grade 5 & 6's Year Long
Gr. 3 Choir Mrs. Riaz All Grade 3's Jan 15 - Mar 06
Division II Choir Mrs. McCrostie & Mrs. Gartner Grades 4,5 & 6 Starts Oct 9 - Dec 20
Musical Theatre Mrs. McCrostie, Mrs. Burton & Mlle Reis   Sept 25/26 - Nov 27/28 Feb 06 - Apr 30
Chess Club (Fall) Richard Pua Grade 3's  
Cricket M. Guerette, F. Dempster Grades 4, 5 & 6 Sept. to Nov. & April to June
Green Team Mr London, Guerette,Mrs. Henophy,Chankasingh Grade 4's All year
Grade 4 Craft Club Julie Parsons Ms. Bannach, Mrs. Henophy & Ms. Rollans Grade 4's December and February
Character Crew Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Nordstrom Grade 3's All Year - Meet once or twice a month.
Intramurals Ms Reis, Ms Eglen Division 1 Tues/Thurs  Lunch time- Jan. 15th toFeb 21st. Rotate grade levels each week.
Library Club:  Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Ross grade 5/6 All year
Graphic Novel Club Mrs. Burton grades 4-6 Oct- Dec
Book Trailer club Mrs. Burton grade 4-6  
Book Club-grade 3-6 Mme Burton, Mme Perry, Mme New Grade 3-6 Once per month
Book Madness: Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Cooper & Mrs. McCrostie All Students Sept-Dec, April-June
Office Assistants Mrs. Reinders    All year
Lego Club - (Grades 1 & 2) Stacey Woywitka, Chloe Kupferschmidt, Erin Langager (Tues Gr 2, Thur Gr 1) March 5- April 25
Lunchroom Monitors   Grade 5's & 6's  
Lego Robotics M Girard    
Math Club Mlle Wong and Mrs. Po Grade 2